Home Health Care


Karing with Kindness is dedicated to providing your loved ones with quality in-home assistance with their daily living, as well as providing private duty or staff relief, in a professional environment. Our commitment to excellence assures you of professional, compassionate care by licensed, bonded and insured caregivers, thus relieving any stress associated with caring for a loved one.

There is No Place Like Home

Karing with Kindness can help your loved ones avoid the emotional trauma of leaving their cherished home. We believe that you and your family should have a choice about where and how you live, as well as who will provide your care. Being able to remain in one’s own home makes a person happier, keeps them healthier, and promotes their independence. We specialize in adult daily living care. With home health care services, your loved one will receive the one-on-one attention care that they need. 

Care You Can Trust

All caregivers are employees of Karing with Kindness and are thoroughly trained, insured and bonded, as well as triple-screened. We also cover workers’ compensation insurance, Social Security and income tax withholdings, saving our clients the burden of cumbersome paperwork and giving them the comfort of knowing that Karing with Kindness takes full responsibility for its employees.

Working Side by Side

Interested in Karing with Kindness? Our team will be available to discuss any special needs your family may have. We’ll then carefully select the caregiver best suited to your situation. For the sake of continuity and building relationships, we do our best to schedule the same caregiver for each visit. You may request a change at any time.

Live-In Certified Home Health Aide
24-hour Live-In Care
Provides companionship in a safe home environment by assisting clients in remaining in their home and provide basic personal hygiene, activities of daily living and appropriate tasks as delegated by the supervisor. Responsibilities include:
• Personal hygiene activities
• Assisting with daily activities (walking, eating, bathroom activities as listed with the home health aide environment which promotes the clients safety)
• Performing general cleaning tasks as previously listed
• Preparing well balanced meals. Assist with feeding
• Monitor and document client’s condition and report any changes. Assisting client with self administration of prescribed medications

Staffing Services
Karing with Kindness provides top notch, qualified and certified RNs, LPNs, CNAs. Let us handle your staffing needs so you can handle the core of your business.

Bath Service/Tuck-In Services
1 Hour Shift
Our bath service is a 1 hour service. Provides assistance with personal care such as bathing, shampooing hair, shaving, etc. Assists clients with bathroom activities, e.g. use of commode, toileting. After these services are done, the aide will help in getting dressed and disposing of the dirty laundry

Certified Home Health Aide/Companion
Hourly/Shift Care
Provides Assistance with personal care such as bathing, eating, shampooing hair, shaving, teeth and mouth care, etc. Prepares nutritionally sound meals for specific dietary needs of the client, and grocery shops for those diets as well. Informs client of supervisor or refills needed as well as reporting when clients refuse their medications. Performs other related duties as required. We work around you or your loved ones schedule.

Medication Box Set Up / Injection Visit
A nurse is sent to set-up your medication. They can set it up weekly or monthly. It will help keep you organized with all the different medication. They can also help you if you have any questions regarding the medication you are taking. Are you or a loved one diabetic and having trouble with giving insulin? Or any type of injection? We can help! An LPN can come out to give you your injection (RN Supervised), you pick how many times a day or week.

Transportation/Food Shopping
2 Hour Minimum Shift
The driver will drive you to your doctor’s appointment and on the way home from the appointment will stop and fill your prescription before returning to your home.
The homemaker will do your grocery shopping for you. You will provide the aide with the list of items you will need from the store and the homemaker will go to the store to get them. When returning back the homemaker will put away all the groceries. On the way out the homemaker will take out the garbage if necessary.

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